Personnel leasing

HR agency is the best solution in case you lack human resources and you need to remain flexible. It allows you to employ as many people as you need based on the production volume as requested by your customers.

The core principle of personnel leasing is to provide requested amount of candidates for placement in your company. Based on your order we find requested number of candidates and close contracts with them. Thereafter they start to work for you company at a designated facility. Your company settles a monthly invoice in reference to hours worked. You don’t need to pay attention to personnel or payroll administration.

To employees we provide comprehensive services:

   Wages and bonuses
•   All the deductions in accordance with the legislation
•   Accommodation of employees
•   Transportation to work site
•   Necessary retraining
•   Work clothing
•   Inspection of employees by assigned coordinators


What benefits will your company gain from us?

•   Reduced financial cost
•   Long term work force guarantee (constant adjustments based on requirements as needed)
•   Flexible adjustments according to production volume fluctuation. (In case the volume of production is reduced, you don’t need to worry about severance payment)
•   Immediate replacement of work force when a core employee is absent unexpectedly
•   Reducing core employees work load
•   Providing any number of employees in very short time (network of recruitment centers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.)
•   Possibility to transfer an employee from the HR agency to a permanent employment by the company itself.